Additional copies of XL SIZE CUSTOM stamping plate


Normalpris $8.80

Now you can order additional copies for your XL custom plates!!.

NOTE: To purchase this item you must  purchase before the XL CUSTOM PLATE

Additional copies of XL custom stamping plate

1 - 10 plates - $8.8 usd

11-50 plates - $7.8 usd

51-200 plates - $6.9usd



Haven´t found the perfect image to stamp? Do you want to create your own designs to stamp? Do you want to have all your favorite images in 1 plate?

Our CUSTOM MADE stamping plate is the perfect option for you!!
Plate size is 9x14.5cm.  
All our plates are made of stainless steel and have a back end to prevent injuries.

1. Once you purchase your plate you will be contacted by our team.
2. You will have to provide editable images in black and white (high quality, preferable Scalable Vector Graphics format (SVG), jpeg, png or gif) to our email with your order number. (Images that are in a different format may not be usable or may have an additional cost). You can also send us a photo of your drawings in paper.
3. You will have to define the size of the images requested.
4. Once we have the images and the specific details we will send you the image of the final plate for your approval. We will provide digital samples according to your nail´s size. 
5. Once approved the plate will be created and will be sent to you!

Please note that manufacturing time may take 15-25 days aprox. so the whole process may take from 20 to 40 days depending on your final approval.